Please read the information below regarding floor time, then click on one of the links to the left and fill out the form to request floor time at either Capitola Main or Capitola Village offices...


Each month a notification is sent via email to agents requesting them to fill out the request  form. Requests are due no later than the 20th of each month.


Please remember that floor time is earned and considered a privilege. Should you not follow specific guidelines for floor time, it may cause for you to be withdrawn from our monthly schedule. Floor time is an opportunity, so please make the most of it.


Floor Responsibilities:

The associate assigned to floor time will handle and assist callers or walk-in parties responding to a specific advertisement or property listing.


Floor time is scheduled on a monthly basis for those agents who are available and desire to be scheduled.


To be eligible for floor time:

For new agents there is a 3-month waiting period to allow the agent time to learn the inventory and attend a floor training session.


You must attend at least 75% of the weekly office meetings; at least 3 out of 4 meetings per month.


You must attend 9 broker tours before taking floor time.


You must attend Broker’s Tour at least 2x per month to stay current on listings.


You must attend at least one training class before taking floor time.


If you haven’t closed an escrow in 6 months, you must go back to floor time training and attend a class before continuing to take floor time.


If you have not closed an escrow in 12 months, you will be removed from floor.


If you are a no show/no call for your regularly scheduled shift, you will be removed from the floor schedule the following month.

Contact Teresa for questions and concerns regarding Capitola Main Floor Schedule.


Teresa Alameda

41st Front Desk

831.476.0100 x 0100


Hours Mon-Fri  8:30-5:30

Contact Vicki for questions and concerns regarding Capitola Village Floor Schedule.


Vicki Guinn

Capitola Village Office Supervisor & TC



Hours Mon-Fri  8:30-5:30